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Public Facilities Report
February 2017

Stormwater Runoff
Because water can wash off our yards, it is important to reduce the amount of pollutants on our property.

  • Sweep grass clippings, fertilizer and soil from driveways and streets back onto the lawn.
  • Remove trash from street gutters before it gets washed into storm drains.
  • Clean up oil spills and leaks on the driveway. Use cat litter to absorb oil.
  • Pick up after pets. this will help reduce bacterial and nutrient pollution entering storm drain systems.
  • Please proactively prevent the introduction any foreign matter (including, but not limited to, trash, leaves, grass clippings, debris, garbage, fill, construction materials, organic or inorganic pollutants, acids, and petroleum products), whether by action or inaction, to the Heritage Isles storm water drainage system including our streets and ponds.


Rich Unger, Director of CDD Operations
Heritage Isles Golf & Country Club Community Development District
10630 Plantation Bay Drive
Tampa, FL 33647
Office: 813-907-7388
Email: HIManager at hicdd dot org

Public Facilities Report

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